You see the impact one call can have on a game

That’s the point, it should have been called if they are going by their own rules.

Watch the defenders head jerk back when he extends his arm…and then Rudolphs hand and wrist follow through from the push.

Well, it wasn’t called. As a life long Lions fan I’ve seen SO many non calls, bad calls, whatever it doesn’t really phase me to see it happen to someone else. Boo Hoo. Life goes on.

Payton deserves the L. But, hey, at least he has that timeout in his pocket from regulation.


Mike Pereira says horrible, 3 fouls, not only PI, but holding, he was pulling on his jersey plus Dez Bryant running on field with his helmet off.automatic first down,but you know what will happen next and of course you know more than Pereira.We were winning 20 to 17 with 8.25 remaining,and you don’t think was a bad call and couldn’t have changed the score.You just hate the Lions,go away we need positive fans on this board.

Hi Next. :+1:

Thanks Cub ,I was watching this game when it was played and I was livid,I have gone on You Tube to watch again and it gets me angrier.Thanks for the positive reinforcement,I find it hard that someone doesn’t think it was a game changer.

It wasn’t anymore OPI as it was DPI.