You think The Skins go draft Tua right before we pick?

I think now there is a greater possibility in that , being it has been said that Tua is healed. I’m not so certain now that Young is their primary target.

I think this is absolutely a possible scenario.

We need to remember that less than 1.5 years ago Tua was the CONSENSUS number 1 pick. A unicorn. He was considered to be an Andrew Luck level prospect.

Then the injuries happened. And people soon forgot about him . Now Joe Burrow is the new unicorn (rightfully so after that ridiculous season). But don’t let that detract the fact that Tua was universally considered a Once in 5 year QB prospect. There is a reason ‘Tank for Tua’ came about…just like ‘Suck for Luck’.

I think a lot of fans have recency bias when it comes to him. I can assure you that Scouts/GM’s do not. If Tua medically checks out. He will be a top 3 pick. His upside/profile/pedigree are just too much for people to pass over.

He is the ultimate lottery pick.

Been thinking this since they hired Rivera! Others will say Snyder luvs Haskins and not happening but I’m not so sure.

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Skins have no 2nd round pick. They need to trade down.


Here’s the thing with Washington. They drafted both a QB and DE last year in the first round.
I was never very high on Haskins anyways but it just depends on who Rivera thinks is closer to being a good player at their position, Haskins at QB or Sweat at DE.
I don’t think Haskins is a franchise QB, so Tua or Herbert could very well be in play. Arizona showed last year that a new coach isn’t committed to a QB and if they feel a better QB is available to build with, they will take him and trade Haskins or keep him for depth.

My gut tells me that the Redskins want a QB.


I think its more likely that they could trade back they need picks.Im calling Raiders move up with them can see Gruden and Mayock wanting him to sell tickets in Vegas.


That’s a possibility too…or the Phins…but I’m hoping the Phins are saving their trade-up and picks for us.

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I love Weasel’s double trade back idea most.

Who can we trick into doing a Hearschel Walker trade with us?
Your entire draft for KJ? Packers?

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