Your ideal draft

You got 2 choices, with a trade or without. Trade is with Miami for #5, #39, #56. Burrows goes 1, Young 2. I always use the draftek big board as a guage. Interested to hear the opinions.

#5 Okudah CB
#35 Dobbins RB
#39 Blacklock NT
#56 Wilson OT

I used Walters…

Thought I’d finish
3rd Winfield S
4th Claypool WR
5th Throckmorton C/G/OT
5th Gaziano DE/DT
6th Agim DT


I really like that, big fan of Blacklock and Wilson both as players and need positions. Personally I’d much rather nab a receiver - someone like Aiyuk - over a RB, but I wouldn’t be too torn up about it.

DT Jovan Hargraves
DT Vernon Butler
CB Ryan Logan
OT LeRaven Clark
WR Cory Coleman

1st DE Chase Young
2nd RB Jonathan Taylor
3rd LB Anfernee Jennings
4th WR KJ Hill
5th CB Reggie Robinson
5th DT Davon Hamilton
6th OT/G Calvin Throckmorton

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While I would expect the Lions to get more in a TD scenario, I will play the game:

FA - CB Harris/Logan, DL Armstead/Jones/McCoy/Suh

  1. LB Simmons - (Brown/Okudah) an impact performer to match up with TE, stop the run, spy on QB’s that like to run and rush the passer
  2. OT Jones - ( Becton) an OT to develop as Wagner is on last year and Decker only average.
  3. RB Dobbins - (Taylor/Swift)Durable option at RB to pair with Kerryon
  4. S Winfield - (WR Aiyuk) playmaker in the secondary!!
  5. WR Johnson - (WR Reagor) underrated WR who likely won’t run fast, but is very good.

This gets the Lions much better on defense at all three levels, a better pass rush and better at matching up with running QB’s. On Offense it improves the running game, OL and WR spots!

Trade down.
Draft Brown w/1a
Trade back up.
Draft Gross-Matos w/1b
Snag an impact RB

Do your best after that, I’m not educated enough to have an opinion, truthfully.

Why you want to pay like 11 million for a CB FA - CB Harris/Logan an not renew Slay? I give Slay a two year extension an then sign a CB like Darby on show me deal an draft a CB in first 3 rds depending on how draft shakes out.

Why you want to pay like 11 million for a CB FA - CB Harris/Logan an not renew Slay? I give Slay a two year extension an then sign a CB like Darby on show me deal an draft a CB in first 3 rds depending on how draft shakes out.

You can also tag Slay in 2021 if can’t work out a fair deal.

DT Vernon Butler just one if Snacks comes back.Think he will.
OG Joe Thuney I don’t care if he is a X Pat gets job done an young. If not him I like
OT Halapoulivaati Vaitai He also plays OG an will be cheaper than Thuney .
CB Ronald Darby One year show me an keeping Slay

Those would be my main FA signings a DT OG CB lots of possible WR’s around.

Use draft depending on any trades if Young is there Take Him trade down if Not take the CB Jeffrey Okudah

You would have Slay ,Coleman, Okudah your main 3 starting CBs. with Darby seeing if he can get back to way he played early in career as number 4

Rd1 Jeffrey Okudah CB if no trade an Young is gone.can also tag Slay in 2021 if can’t work out a fair deal.

Because I’m trying to put best roster on field this is win now mode, and never said I wouldnt resign Slay. And In this defense top CBs are a must. Logan and Slay great combo, Logan has alot experience in this system. And I really think they want 2 top CBs. A pass rush and a great #2 CB to go with slay and this defense turns around fast.

5.) Okudah
Trade 39, 56 and whatever else it takes to move up and grab Kinlaw
35:) Terrell Lewis

I get what you mean mouse but no more than 3 year deal for a 30 yr old CB. They hit wall fast.

If they can make this so at #5 and #35 or #3 and #35 I could not care less who else they took … perfect and what I have stated I wanted since the end of the season …

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If we only have #3 and #35 I would probably do something different at #35 unless we have fixed DT in FA. DE is a question mark but if we don’t take one in the first 3 rounds I would be hard pressed to take one at all unless Nick Coe is there in the 4th. I would use our first 3 picks on D and the rest on O. It’s deep at OT, WR and RB. We have bigger fish to fry early but if we have extra picks then taking Dobbins is something you can do.

I went back and forth on whether to put Dobbins at 35. Ultimately I decided that adding a bendy, quick twitch edge guy to a dominant interior rusher at a shutdown corner might just be enough to revitalize the defense so I went that route.

But, I think there is a strong argument to be made that no addition could have as much impact on next year as adding a dominant running back to the squad. Is Dobbins that guy? Not sure, though I do really like him.

Ideal but highly unlikely; Burrough goes #1. Washington picks an OT #2. Lions give up pick #3 (Mia picks Tua), we get #5 and #39 and #56 (make Miami pay since they want to hold all their first round picks). Giants trade out of #4 to LAC or Carolina who wants a QB … Herbert. At pick #5 we get Chase. We put pick #39 with pick #56 and trade with New England (they love those 2nd rounders) to get pick #23 and a 4th. At #23 we select Jalen Reagor and with pick #35 we get Dobbins. 3 players I think will be great pros.

The offense has lots of weapons and makes defenses pick their poison. The D gets better with Chase if they bring back the rest of the band and they stay healthy.

With the receiver depth in this draft, I think Reagor will be available in the second.

That would be great but I expect him to be one of the big winners of the pre-draft process, he’s gonna absolutely crush the testing, and I guarantee NFL teams have noticed how awful TCU’s QB play was last year. I expect he’ll go a lot higher in the actual draft. But man is he just what we need (though I do have some concerns about his hands).

Agreed. Still think he’ll be available in the second, but a slot with great hands and wiggle is what we need. Knock on Reagor…not great hands.

Would prefer not to spend pick 35 on a WR unless someone like Shenault somehow slides that far. Otherwise let the WR depth push a great prospect or two down to the third round or even day three.

He may not catch them all but when a CB AND Safety have to pay close attention it spreads the field. With Jones, Golladay and Hockenson it will be tough to cover them all. The one thing I have read a couple times is he would be wide open and Duggan, a freshman (53% completion percentage) couldn’t get him the ball. He was much better in his 1st 2 years in terms of stats and those QBs were nothing special either.

Chase Claypool