Your on the clock. What fictional football player would you take

I think I’d have a hard time deciding between Jesus, Shane Falco, Al Bundy, and Bobby Boucher.

Who would you draft?

My wife said BQ would draft Charlie Brown … lol

“Shark” from Any Given Sunday.

I mean uncle rico could throw it over those mountains so is there really a debate?

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Al Bundy.

He scored 4 TDs in the state champtionship game in high school including the game winner.


I think i am changing mine to Bill-Dozer (aka Bill Dauterive) from king of the hill

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George Plimpton


i think he also had a nfl stint with the steelers–running back??

Leon Sandcastle. No, wait, Jerry Ricecake. D or O?

A player that we really need and he’s only a high schooler! Ridgemont High’s Charles Jefferson.

The Ice Box

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Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson

Charles Jefferson from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Plays angry.

Beat ya’ to him.

LB I think.

Well, Luther Lavay was played by Lawrence Taylor, so I think I got you all beat.

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Chuck Norris!!!

Did you see the Jalen Reeves Maybin tweet associated with that picture?