You're the Lions GM - Whose your pick at 3?

I expect the same thing, but I’d have to give Quinn major props if he picked Tua (assuming they actually believe in him) over their own narrow short-term self-interest.

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Lowest Risk = Okudah for ME…

It’s not the wise thing to do, drafting Tua Redwing. we have seen how easy it has been for opposition to not only reach but hurt Stafford. IMO? no matter what we do your not erasing that in it’s entirety …setting Tua back there he is only seen as MORE of a target than even Stafford is now. See our opponents know full well our success hinges severely off of Matt Stafford’s health, they eliminate Matt, their job just got 3 times easier to beat us each and every game.

But placing Tua back behind our line is very much so “ASKING” for it, meaning his health, next time he’s blasted, it could be career -ending…THEN looking at Quinn who decided to trust in Tua and his medical staff, and making Quinn look like such a “great wonderful guy” falls apart like it never happened…and Tua? what about the rest of his life and career?

The Lions Team would look like FOOLS-even more than usual…all around bad IMO.

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Blake Ferguson the long snapper from LSU

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Brown…Okudah. Ugh. Simmons.

Dang. In one sense, you can’t lose, in the other you really wish you got Young…

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If I can’t trade down, Okudah.

Exactly. Would prefer a trade down but if Young is gone I definitely prefer Okudah.



I’m with red and dead.
I’m expecting Okudah Thursday and am okay with it. However, if I’m the GM, I’m taking the next best thing to a trade down; Tua.

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I would NOT take Tua — maybe you can trade then, but if you can’t I think you’re stuck with a guy that WILL too often be UNavailable

I’m taking Tua.
With BQ being on the hot seat, I can see how he passes up on him. But I can also see how it would buy him some time.
I just don’t see him taking that chance.


Tua would be in a good situation in Detroit, not being thrust into starting right away.
He could heal completely get up to NFL speed and either become the future starter or bring some hefty draft capitol in a future trade.
Quinn has seen this scenario before with the Pats. Just not at 3OA.
But I think he should know Tua’s value.

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In that scenario my personal preferences for the #3 pick if the Lions can’t trade up or down in order are:

  1. Tua Tagovailoa
  2. Jedrick Willis Jr
  3. Tristan Wirfs
  4. Isaiah Simmons
  5. Derrick Brown
  6. Jeff Okudah

I’m not sure if Willis or Wirfs is the better prospect for the Lions scheme, so it’s hard for me to say there. It was tough deciding between Simmons and Brown. I think Brown might play a more “valuable” position and role, but I understand Simmons is a very unique player which might be able to help the Lions defense a bit more than Brown. Okudah lands at #6 only because the Lions CB situation is such a concern. I absolutely do not want the Lions ever taking a CB in the top 3 unless there is something particularly special about the prospect, which I’m not sold on when it comes to Okudah.

But, a lot of other posters seem to like Okudah. I hope all of you guys are right if this is the direction the Lions wind up going.


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There is 3 elite prospects in this draft. Burrow, Young, and Tua. After that there is 8-12 very good prospects.

Im not drafting Tua at 3. Between injury concerns and having Stafford he is off the table.

There will be trade down offers for #3. Quinn has turned down good trade down offers in the past. If he turns them down with Young off the board it will be a loss no matter who he picks.

Good tough question. But I think he will have multiple trade offers.

I sure hope you’re right. I’m currently thinking that teams that want Tua know they can get him if they sit tight and wait for him.