Zach Baun - Diluted Urine explanation

Yesterday Zach Baun reviled that he tested positive for Diluted Urine at the combine. Here was his explanation.

I’m not sure if the Lions would shy away for the diluted urine but I bet they didn’t like his explanation.

This could hurt his chances with the Lions. I liked the kid a lot too.

Baun wrote a letter to all 32 NFL teams explaining that he consumed a hefty amount of water in order to boost his weigh-in weight. Baun’s biggest issue in many scouts’ eyes is a lack of mass, and he weighed in at 238 pounds. Baun was 240 at the Senior Bowl weigh-in.

Yeah talked about this yesterday. More likely it was to dilute a PED is his real problem. If you drink enough water to make a serious difference in your weight, you’re going to produce a diluted sample. It’s no longer a violation to do that. But his explanation beggars belief because teams were going to find out soon enough that his weight was fake. So why do it? Because you’re taking a PED to make your combine numbers look better. So now, he not only is considered underweight, but very likely a PED user. Why would he give himself two red flags instead of just the underweight one? He’s likely been on something(s) for a while.

If there was another thread on it than i missed it.

Any way I figured the same thing. This has to be a PED concern. I just don’t see the Lions risking an early draft pick on him.

I have to wonder how far he falls because of this.

What PED can be flushed out of your system by drinking water?

No worries. It’s a shame, he’s a good prospect. It only takes one team to fall in love with him, as they say.

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So I do you think this hurts his draft stock?

If so how much?

No idea as I couldn’t say where he was before. One of those really hard to figure guys. He might be a Tampa 2 type OLB?