Zach Zenner is available

Bring him back now! Released by the Saints 30 min’s ago

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Zenner can’t even get on the field with Kamara out with a high ankle sprain. ZZ needs to go to med school.

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Zenner can’t get on the field with Kamara out ?
Why would you (Unless you had to ) put Zenner on the field who was on the Team for like an hour when you had L.Murray and Dwayne Washington & Hill who all know the playbook and have been on the roster ?

Zenner not getting on the field had zero to do with his ability

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No thanks!

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How many RB’s who are signed as a 4th RB days before a game play? The fact that he even saw a touch and a reception was a surprise .

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I don’t get the boner for Zenner…he ran 668 yards in 4 seasons…that is fairly sad being KJ has 308 in 7 games.

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What’s sad is all these years later and you still have zero understanding of how to break down stats … that’s now how this works.

KJ has had 208 Rushing attempts with the Lions as a whole…netting him 949 yards and a 4.5 yd per attempt avg with 5 rushing TD’s

Zenner had 174 rushing attempts for 685 yards 3.9 per attempt and 8 TD’s in his 4 seasons combined …
His 3.9 per attempt number is skewed because of how he was used and in what situation.
His avg yds per rush when given rare multiple real carries on a per game basis have him at or near KJ’s avg yard per attempt.

You can not get yards if you do not get carries …it’s that simple.


I corrected myself 668 yards in 4 seasons rushing the football = Zenner. that’s a fact.

also a fact KJ has 308 yards in 2019 7 games just360 rushing yards between the two is why I pointed it out and Zenner played far longer than KJ .

just everyone wants to dump KJ even though, he has 949 yards in his career here…it’s nuts.

Zenner’s 4 seasons divided by his 668 yards= 167 yards per season give or take but REAL close to that ! and people want him back?

It is nuts …KJ is not a player to be dumped .

What is nuts is evaluating RB’s on years in the league and then pointing to yards they have achieved in those years, with out mentioning how many carries they got and in what situation they got the carries they did .

Which is why what you were pointing out was pointless in comparison .

Bottom line when Zenner was given real carries in games he produced and did so on the cheap and with no draft capital as an investment .

say what you want he ran for 167 yards per season talking Zach Zenner WITH the chances he had to run here.

he’s NOT the answer or an every-down-back. take his 668 yards and divide that by 4 seasons he was in Detroit. it’s not GOOD.

This has no merit …it’s not how you evaluate what a RB does, not remotely .
You have a real difficult time grasping that.

Now don’t get the comparison twisted here …

Barry Sanders had 325 yds rushing his first year in College …was he a 325 yard a season RB ?
Or was he a victim of minimal carries on a team that had Thurman Thomas ?
Evaluating RB’s on anything other than carries being the #1 evaluation of a RB’s when it comes to yards gained makes zero sense & even less sense when you don’t factor it in at all… as you don’t Cub .

Zenner not being employed has everything to do with his ability!
Like I’ve said, he’s a fringe player. If you have a bunch of injuries, you call him up and he can play for ya but if everyone is healthy, he’s not good enough and is unemployed.

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you look at how a RB runs . How many attempts, how many seasons did they play for, their YPC , and total yards and TD 's , when a RB runs 167 yards a season…he’s dog meat complain or color it however YOU like NY. I’m done arguing with you ! ’ I 'said and pointed out that KJ has 308 yards rushing already in 7 games here in 2019…in case your not paying attention that’s 7 games for KJ not 4 damn years of Zenner.

your whining how we used Zenner…when he was not a solid RB . and WTH would he do IF we had him back !? nothing ! why?? because he doesn’t IMPROVE the RB unit. I mean hell, we are one of the basement dweller teams and let him go, that’s how bad WE wanted to keep him.

I’d be happy to get ZZ back. Dude gets positive yards on every play. Good, strong runner


Last year, they ran him 7 consecutive plays, ending up with him pounding it into the endzone. That should’ve earned him a few more carries.

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again if Zenner was such a great runner why did we let him go?

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You can’t be done arguing Cub, you have made no argument .
All you have done is double and triple down on complete nonsense that makes zero sense in any RB evaluation .

KJ has 308 yards rushing in 6 games not 7 Cub in 2019 and it has zero bearing, complete and utterly ZERO bearing to do with & what Zenner was as a RB for the Lions. .
KJ has been less than stellar rushing the ball this year and his 3.3 yds per carry speak to that and why people have been bitching about him…It’s valid, but to only look at his 3.3 yds per carry only & not factor in that he sees 8+man boxes that is top 4 in the league as far as such looks for KJ it has to be weighed and has weight along with other reasons . You get none of that . KJ has 308 yards in 6 games is all you see.

The genius take that I’m whining abut how Zenner was used is atrocious as no whining has taken place and how he was used was not even a topic . You have no clue on how to compare and evaluate RB’s or players in general.

You really just are limited in your capacity & understanding as it’s been explained to you over and over. You make statements that Zenner avg 167 yds a season for 4 seasons…AND???
In 4 seasons Zenner started 6 total games . In those 4 seasons he only attempted 7 or more carries 12 total times , KJ has 8 or more carries in all but two of his games here & those 2 games were his first game ever and his last game when he got injured.
Comparing KJ to Zenner is ridiculous one is a 2nd Round Draft Pick and the other a Street FA and they were used in two totally different manners, you dont get that , but you compare them anyway and when you do , you don’t do it properly .

For the record WolfCub since you have it twisted .

In the 12 games the Lions actually utilized Zenner as a rotational RB or a Starter and gave him at least 7 rushing attempts he performed .
Zach Zenner avg 4.2 yards per carry , had 26 targets and 19 receptions, a 9.3 yard per rec avg and a 73% catch rate when targeted , to go along with 7 rushing TD’s and 0 Fumbles and add to that he also played on 102 Special Teams Snaps as well in these games.

I don’t know. How does Tony Romo go undrafted? How does Tom Brady go near the end of the draft? Life is full of mysteries. He is not a bad back. NYL has given you fact after fact. Sometimes you just like to argue your point while rambling on about stuff.

Zenner has been solid. He will not be Barry Sanders, but at this time, he is a good fit