Zack Baun is a rich man’s Kyle Van Noy

They’re basically the same size (Van Noy: 6’3 243 before he was drafted, Baun: 6’2.5, 240) except Baun’s arms are an inch longer. Baun tested better; he’s faster, slightly more explosive, and has better agility, but more importantly, the tape shows a guy who’s more instinctive than Van Noy was coming out, and who’s motor runs even hotter. Nobody in this draft class plays as hard as Zack Baun. And of course he was team captain.

We got to coach him in the Senior Bowl and I just can’t imagine Patricia and especially Quinn not falling hard for the guy.


I just did a no trade draft at first pick and here’s how it shook out. And my grades … lol

Round 1 Pick 3: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn (A)
Round 2 Pick 3: Zack Baun, OLB, Wisconsin (A)
Round 3 Pick 3: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU (A)
Round 4 Pick 3: Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota (A+)
Round 5 Pick 3: Ben Bartch, OT, St. John’s (A+)
Round 5 Pick 26: Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton (A)
Round 6 Pick 3: Chris Miller, FS/SS, Baylor (A)

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Baun is probably my favorite target in the second, so of course I love this. And I love all of those other picks that will never happen too lol.

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Yeah I was very happy with that draft but my grades were lower than I expected… lol

What opened up my eyes on him for a second look was the sub 1.6 10 yard split. I know this isn’t a team that values speed, but that is what you want to see along with the rest from an edge guy


I like Baun as well , Cub had a topic on a couple of players at LB or edge …

Baun is a hell of a lot better in coverage as well …How good can he be at the LB level though and will those same traits look a lot less impressive back at LB then they were for him playing the edge …
I hate having to guess or assume on a prospect anywhere near our pick in round 2 .

Silly question; it pronounced “bon” or “bown?”

I’ve always heard it pronounced ‘bon’

Think James Bon with no D.

So same situation with Simmons and several other backers I like. Can he take on NFL RT’s in a 3 man front as Kennard is asked to do. Christian Jones is 250 and they resigned him. He plays WLB exclusively. He’s not a LDE certainly, Okwara is 6’4 263.

I know “I” could use him (Baun or Simmons) and never take him off the field. But I’m not the guy running this team that as you say hilariously, doesn’t value speed, lol. Being that we could likely take Baun in the 2nd, it’s not the same as Simmons at 3 or 5. I guess one thing that encourages me, is that on this roster we also have JRM 233 and Cabinda 235. So I just wonder, does he have a starting position in this defense?

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Haha. This team loves their power dudes. If you can’t hold the edge, you aren’t playing OLB in this system.

Zack Baun has some shades of Von Miller to me. Obviously NOT Von Miller (not quite as athletic) but he has that little dip move past the tackle with sonic speed like Miller. That twitchy-ness. Can’t understate the importance of a 1.59 10 yard split. That is smoking fast. The thing is…he can also cover. Von Miller really can’t cover. So you are getting some versatility, IMO. But its bout whether he can set the edge. His arms aren’t that long either. Maybe you move him round and then send him on the edge during passing downs. Dunno. I really think some speed would make a difference on this D though.

To me Simmons might be able to play edge in a pinch, as a disguise, or to mix teams up, and he’d do alright, but he is not an edge guy. He’s a safety or a LB on passing downs. Is he worth 3 for that? Then I say, well if we’d had Simmons just to simply spy the QB on third down (instead of Davis), we’d have probably won 3 more games last year, LOL.

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I’m with you man. I think when they go with a 4 man front, he’d be great at either OLB spot, either as a JACK, shading almost in a wide 9 technique against the RT, or on a TE. Or at WILL as a cover backer ala JRM (when they are smart enough to put him in the game). I like him and I’ve always been a fan of explosive and bendy on the edge. We’ll see. I’m hoping that Patricia was being honest when he was talking about Undlin bringing some different scheme ideas to the party. If he’s honestly willing to listen and tweak things, he’ll gain a lot of respect from me.

not like FAWN but BAUN??

Again, I think we’d use him similar to the way the Pats use Van Noy, they’re basically the same size and Baun is simply better in every way athletically.

I’d hope so, but don’t they line Van Noy up at JACK? The guy that Patricia chooses to Start now is a guy who is 6’3 256. They spent a 4th rounder last year on Austin Bryant and have been having him practice at DE and JACK. 6’6 261 (listed on Lions website down from 271 at draft time). So he was given Van Noy in NE and he made him into a viable player in that role. But it appears, that when he has the controls (I’m assuming he and Quinn are lockstep), he doesn’t want a 240lb JACK. He wants a 260-265lb JACK as he runs a lot of 3 Dlineman fronts which leaves the Jack directly over the RT. I really HOPE I’m wrong about this. I’ll believe that when I see a 230-240lb Edge rusher starting here whether it be at DE or JACK LB.

I like Baun, but no they are not “basically the same size.”

6’3 250

6’2 238

That contradicts this, which is where I got it:

No contradiction. KVN was 243 as a draft prospect 6 years ago. He’s listed at 250 now on NE’s site. Baun is listed at 238 right now so they are not basically the same size. It wasn’t MP bringing KVN in for his defense. Quinn brought him in for TA’s defense. Then when that failed miserably, he was shipped off to NE. Where MP used him properly, but he was absolutely asked to bulk up to do it. Not saying Baun “can’t” on an inch shorter frame. Just looking at our roster and we do not have EDGE players under 256. I’ll have to see that happen to believe it is all.

Alright, well that valid. And I did mention that Van Noy’s weight was as a draft prospect in my original post as I thought it was more pertinent for comparison purposes. I took the 240 number for Baun from his Senior Bowl weigh-in when he played for Patricia, but I see now that he dropped to 238 for the combine.

But what you’re saying then is that you believe our current staff wouldn’t draft Kyle Van Noy as a prospect, and fair enough, if that’s the case I’m unlikely to be able to convince you otherwise. I think we would especially after the success MP had with Van Noy, but that’s just my opinion of course.

Baun is clearly in play for the Lions. if your going by size alone.

Baun 6’2” 238Lbs
Chris Jones is 6’3” 240Lbs
Denard is 6’3” 249lbs
Davis is 6’1 238lbs