Zack Zenner is a baller


I think your definition is different than most then. Snags is spot on with his definition IMO. Someone that balls out when given the chance. Zeke, Barkley, Gurley, they’re ballers… They’re filet mignon and ZZ is meat loaf, both get the job done, but one looks and tastes a whole lot better.


ZZ is a dude. He ain’t great, he ain’t garbage. Did he even do anything more than the rookie UDFA that ran for the Bills on Sunday after everyone else was hurt?


Gurley has 4.9 yards per carry average.
Not sure what some of you want from a back up RB?
Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, and Latavius Murray, have 4.2!
Ekekial Elliot has 4.7!
Kareem Hunt, Frank Gore, and Alvin Kamara have 4.6!
Chris Carson, James Connor, Josh Adams, and Mike Davis have 4.5!
Leshawn McCoy 3.3.
And Blount, 2.8!
For reference, KJ comes in #3 on the list at 5.4!
I say 4.9 is not too shabby for a guy 3 months removed from a broken back!
This, is a tough room!



He’s only had 26 attempts, you can’t use his stats from 26 attempts with guys who have >100 attempts. That’s not smart stat play.


Well, it’s always something.
Surely, at least, you can see the potential?
Btw, I’m saying he is a quality back-up! Back-up typically don’t get as many snaps as starters.
But, on this team, only KJ is a better RB.


Every single year its somebody different. I’m just surprised his hype has lasted this long.

Next year, itll likely be somebody different. That’s why I don’t bother with threads like this.

Again, I always go back to the year we had David Kircus and Luke Staley. Some of the things people proclaimed about their supposed potential made me open my eyes.

… and when I did, I realized that they were fringe roster guys at best.


Backups aren’t ballers… If they were, they wouldn’t be backups


/end thread


I really like ZZ as the backup. OP pretty much nailed it as to what he does. He plays good ST, he picks up blitzes, he can catch, he is always moving forward. He’s far from flashy, but I would be happy with him and Kerryon next year, with Riddick as the receiving back.

He’s one of those guys that I felt like should have never been let go in the first place. He’s no superstar, but is definitely good enough, and smart enough to be the RB2


PS Bring Back Peyton Hillis

(His YPC is higher than ZZ’s! :open_mouth:)


Zenner is a perfect backup RB.

Found an article that gave him better marks than Blount.

I’d have given him more snaps than Blount or Riddick after losing KJ, but that’s just me.


He is better than Blount. Zenners big question mark is durability.
The dude came back from this injury jacked, though!


I think early on he was just smashmouth. Judging from the article I posted, he might have figured out that it’s better that they don’t hit you square…

I’d feel plenty comfortable with him as #2 behind KJ. Blount sounded like he was trying to show him stuff and it appears he was listening to him and his coaches about how to get the most out of a carry. He’s versatile, as has been argued.

I was so disappointed to see Washington get carries after Zenner showed he could do it. And Cooter acting all surprised that he could actually keep going for 2 halves after the packer game 2 years ago… Such stupid bull.


Also pretty good considering our offense can’t even throw the ball anymore.



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