Zack Zenner is a baller


r/therewasanattempt … at a joke, I think.


They can just close down the internet for a week, cuz ain’t nothin bettter gonna get posted to it than DAIRY SANDERS!


That was my joke.


I agree with this assessment from the News completely.

“RB Zach Zenner: Rejoining the Lions late in the year after breaking two bones in his back during the preseason, Zenner was the team’s best ball carrier down the stretch. His no-nonsense, north-south style meshed well with the Lions’ revamped blocking scheme, resulting in a healthy 4.8 yards per pop on his 55 carries. Grade: B+”


Yeah…“Zenner will never play another down in the NFL”.
Two years ago…resident idiot at the 247 site.


Better than Fairy Sanders at least.


Jahvid Best=Fairy Sanders


Latest on his wiki page, he is now the Albino Rhino…


Mid/Late round guy



Good stuff


My sentiments exactly.


Here’s my take on ZZ.

Decisive and incredibly fast though creases. He has the first step of an elite LB.

However, can’t change direction after he’s up to speed. Which means he gets easily stopped at the second level. If we did more zone runs it would play to his strengths.

Versatile since he’s slightly above average at a lot of other stuff though not great in any one category: blocking, ST, catching.

Worth having on your 53 at an experienced vet contract.