Zebra Shirts

Instead of a blackout or whiteout everybody in the crowd should wear referee shirts. The Fords should pony up and do them as a give away before the next home game. that would make a huge statement. Somebody in the marketing department needs to get on this.

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Ha that’s actually a pretty good idea. They could be like those fake tuxedo t shirts, they could probably get em for a couple bucks from China. Of course, that’s not the Ford’s style, and the billionaires who own the league would not be impressed, at all. They are ultimately the masters of the league, and responsible for the officiating mess.

Nice idea and they could all have different numbers on them , 12th Man , 13th man, 14th man, 15th man etc…On the back it could say “When
11 Men just isn’t enough”…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Give everyone whistles too LMAO…

2 guys on gonfundme raised about 75k to print T-shirts en masse tomoass out to NBA patrons to shame China and LeBron…

Freaking CrowdNoise can pony up the fantasy pot he stole to buy zebra shirts…assbag.

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Or dark sunglasses and white canes

Saints fans already did that in the home opener this year https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/saints-fans-wear-referee-jerseys-to-home-opener-on-monday-night-football/

They ended up getting a bad call against the Rams a few short weeks later, the same damn team they got a bad call against that had them so mad at the refs to begin with. So those refs that made the bad call against the refs this year turn right back around and “make it up” to Saints fans the following week by making a semi-bad call against us when we faced the Chiefs.

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nflpa needs to push for the players being able to speak out against the officials on blatant missed calls in the new cba. Some accountability at the very least.

They can speak out, they just get fined. And some gladly take the fine to speak out. You know what happens next? Nothing. Oh wait, I take that back. When the Saints complain about officiating in a game against the Rams, the Saints still get screwed on a bad call the next time they face the Rams. But the refs make it up to the Saints by making another semi-bad call against the Lions the following week. So yeah, I guess speaking out does change some things.

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So you’re ok with the players continuing to receive fines for pointing out the truth and possibly drawing further attention to it. But against the refs finally being held accountable for their actions? The refs that are constantly being in these types of situations should be put under the microscope instead of just sweeping it under the proverbial rug week after week under the guise of “human error” for a multi billion dollar industry you’d think they could fix this. Human element/error excuse is getting old. I’m sure coaches and players have a lot more they could add when it pertains to refs that we never find out about because of the backlash from the league. Instead of fining the players/coaches for speaking out against the officials maybe it would be a good idea to actually take the constructive criticism and do something about it. And the talking behind closed doors thing is a complete joke, as we’ve seen over the years. Example being that of domestic violence in the league. Players like ray rice who literally told the league point blank what he did and the league didn’t bat and eye…until a video surfaced. The public opinion angle plays a big role in what the league ends up doing in fear of backlash. So if more is said publicly by teams regarding incidents involving officials were far more likely to see actions taken. This hush, hush approach is just a guarantee we will continue to see more of the same.

Zebra shirts with the saying : “Hear no evil * Speak no evil * See no evil.”

The lockout can’t get here soon enough.